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We bring Roman style pizza and Italian gelato to the heart of Montreal.At FCO, we have a simple mission: to provide an unforgettable Roman experience that not only looks & tastes authentic, but is truly authentic Italian on every level - Imported ingredients, Imported ovens, Imported pizza makers.

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Authentic Italian pizza & gelato.
No passport required!

The secret to achieving our mission lies in and around the pizzerias of Rome, Italy’s capital. We named our concept FCO, after the acronym for Rome's Fiumicino Airport. We crossed the Atlantic to source and gather Rome's mouth-watering recipes including all of the traditional ingredients that make make them great. We imported an Italian pizza oven - Unique to Roman style pizza, and the 1st of its kind in Quebec. We sought out and recruited experienced Italian pizza-makers to fully embody the authenticity of a true Italian pizzeria.

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Our passion is as authentic
as our ingredients.

The result: we set the stage for a truly authentic, Roman-style pizza and gelato dining in downtown Montreal. Led by a roster of “pizze al metro” (meter-long pizzas), artisanal gelato, and a dedication to serving up a deliciously authentic experience with every bite. We truly believe that our firm attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest and it ensures that you have a permanent ticket to travel to our “FCO terminal” again and again...

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Who is loving FCO Pizza?

  • Les meilleures PIZZAS de Montréal! - Je suis complètement sous le charme de cette délicieuse adresse du centre-ville, et je jalouse intérieurement les travailleurs du coin qui peuvent se l’enfiler tous les midis de leur vie.
  • Gelato was absolutely delicious! Very glad I found this place! Square Victoria right next to it is the perfect place to chill and eat this yummy treat.

    Isabelle D.
  • Amazing pizza amazing gelato love this place really good quality food and really authentic

    Jeremy S.
  • The best Italian style pizza in Montreal ATM. The ice cream is the closest I've tasted to ice cream in Italy.

    Gege Caputo